Thursday, April 29, 2010



ALIENS, IMMIGRANTS & OTHER EVILDOERS  performed by José Torres-Tama

Work-in-progress Performances at Ashé Cultural Arts Center May 13-15, 2010

WHEN & WHERE:   May 13-15, 2010 @ 8PM - $5 at the door

Ashé Cultural Arts Center at 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. in New Orleans
Call (504) 569-9070 for more information.

New Orleans multidisciplinary visual and performance artist José Torres-Tama has received a National Performance Network Creation Fund Award for the commissioning of a new performance theater solo called ALIENS, IMMIGRANTS & OTHER EVILDOERS, which explores the rise in hate crimes against Latinos and the criminalization of immigrants across the country.

The commissioning theatres are MECA in Houston, GALA Hispanic Theatre in Washington, D.C., and the Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans. From March 22 through April 30, Torres-Tama begins the creation process, and he will visit each city to research how the immigration debate is perceived. Working with a local filmmaker in all three cities, he will interview members of the general public on the streets and ask the questions: "Since the Pilgrims arrived without papers, why were they not immediately deported, and where were was immigration then?” Some responses will be inventively fused into short film excerpts that drive the performance narrative.

Also, he will interview immigrants and day laborers, immigration lawyers and activists, and immigrant social workers as part of the research. The final performance script will be informed by these interviews, and he will create the numerous characters he inhabits in ALIENS based on real-life individuals and their stories as immigrants.

ALIENS will be performed with a sci-fi Latino noir aesthetic, bilingual texts, and multimedia staging strategies. Appropriating the sci-fi look of the film The Matrix, Torres-Tama transforms and shape-shifts into numerous Latino "aliens" who challenge the flaws of a country built by immigrants that vilifies the same people whose labor it exploits. “Receiving the NPN Creation Fund Award is the highest honor I have received to for my performance work, and it marks the first time I have commissioning funds to assist with the creation of a new piece,” states Torres-Tama.

ALIENS will have its early run through a weekend of work-in-progress performances at the Ashé Cultural Arts Center from Thursday – Saturday, May 13- 15, 2010 at 8PM. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door only. Ashé is located at 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. in the Central City neighborhood.

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