Sunday, March 30, 2008



Changing the Story of Women

Begins by Sharing Our Stories!

This is the call of the Red Tent.

Inspired by Anita Diamant’s novel, The Red Tent is a major
feature of V-Day to the Xth’s SuperLOVE in the Superdome
on Friday, April 11th and Saturday, April 12th. The Red
Tent is a space and time to honor our stories and promote

Every 90 minutes, story-sharing events will take place in V-Day’s Red Tent
grounded in the
stories of women from the Gulf South.

V-Day’s Red Tent is the collaboration of the creative energies of Paulette Cole of ABC Carpet &
Home, V-Day, NOLA Playback Theatre, and Ashé Cultural Arts Center. The design of the Red
Tent events borrows most strongly from the Story Circle Process as developed by Junebug
Productions, New Orleans, and Playback Theatre ( The
Story-sharing events have been shaped especially for V-day by Red Tent facilitators including
Anne-Liese Juge Fox of NOLA Playback Theatre (Red Tent Curator/Organizer), Kathy Randels
of Art Spot Productions, Stephanie McKee of the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center, Nan Crawford
of Nan Crawford & Co., and Adella Gaultier.

The Red Tent Calls You! Volunteers are needed to help lead story circles of 8-10 people for each
event. The more leaders present in V-Day’s Red Tent familiar with Story Circle Process, the
more fluid and meaningful this experience will be. Story Circle Process is a valuable tool for
many educational, artistic, and community activities. Come learn this process in a free training
and be part of this exciting event in the Superdome!

What: Red Tent volunteer training

When: Sunday, March 30th 3:15-5:30 (please be on time)

Where: Ashé Cultural Arts Center (
1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
(between Euterpe and Felicity)----ample street parking

who: All those familiar and new to Story Circle Process who are interested
in volunteering in the Red Tent for V-Day to the Xth April 11th and 12th in
the Superdome

For Questions: Please contact Anne-Liese Juge Fox

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