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Katrina Warriors is an expanding feminist network dedicated to ending all forms of violence against women and girls in the Greater New Orleans area. Organizations and individuals doing work that supports this mission are invited to join the Network.

New and existing Network members are invited to a Katrina Warriors interest, information, networking, and brainstorming meeting with Katrina Warriors from all over the Greater New Orleans Area .

Joining us to facilitate this meeting is Eve Ensler, author of "The Vagina Monologues," and Founder and Artistic Director of V-Day.

Noon - 2 pm
Saturday 21 April 2007
Anna E. Many Lounge
2nd floor, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women
Newcomb College Campus, Tulane University
New Orleans, LA
(Scroll down for directions and maps)

Children are welcome to attend the meeting, but no childcare will be provided.


V To The 10th will take place during the weekend of April 12, 2008 at the New Orleans Arena and other sites around the Greater New Orleans area to celebrate ten years of V-Day and to launch the next ten years. The Saturday evening event will feature multilingual performances of “The Vagina Monologues”; a celebration of the victories of women from around the globe (Kenya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Congo, Pakistan, Iceland, Bosnia, etc.); video testimonials from young activists; up to date reports from women on the ground in areas of conflict; inspiration from world leaders. Throughout the weekend, thousands of women and men will rally together and take the movement to the next level, expanding the V-Day model of empowerment for women and girls everywhere. The event will cut across movements gathering peace, environmental/ sustainability, racial justice, and sexual violence activists at one event. A highlight of the weekend: Led by Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai, attendees will plant a million trees. The event will showcase the work of the women of New Orleans - Katrina Warriors – reflecting to a global audience the knowledge, experiences, and needs of women and girls of New Orleans.

Katrina Warriors are a breed of Vagina Warrior. To learn more, read Eve Ensler’s essay, “Vagina Warriors: An Emerging Paradigm, An Emerging Species” --

The women and girls of New Orleans are the focus of the 2008 V-Day Worldwide Campaign. A portion of all monies raised by V-Day activities around the globe in 2008 will flow into our city to help establish a women's fund to sustain and further the work of Katrina Warriors. For more information about the V-Day organization, you may visit

The concept for the Katrina Warriors Network was born during Spring 2006 as service providers, first-responders, artists, educators, and activists came together in conversations with Eve Ensler and V-Day about the daily challenges faced by women and girls returning to New Orleans to rebuild our lives. On May 21, 2006, the first Katrina Warriors ingathering took place, featuring interviews by Eve Ensler with Charmaine Neville, State Representative Charmaine Marchand, and Dr. Ruth Berggren, and the music of Joan Ann Brown and the New Orleans Gospel Singers with Rosalie "Tambourine Lady" Washington. A copy of "Katrina Warriors Handbook No. 1" and audio of the event are available for free download at

Katrina Warriors organizes under the auspices of Metropolitan Center for Women and Children, Inc. of Jefferson, Louisiana, but all area service providers and anti-violence activists and advocates are invited to join the network as institutions or individuals.


The function of the "katrinawarrior" Yahoogroup is to give Katrina Warriors in New Orleans and around the world a place to connect and share information and ideas, and to help facilitate collaboration and planning for the 10th Anniversary of VDay ( and the "V to the 10th" Festival that will take place at venues all around the Greater New Orleans Area in April 2008.

(A great thing about yahoogroups is that one can subscribe to a list and choose to read messages on the web instead of having them drop one-by-one into one’s inbox. Yahoogroups also offers features like file sharing, collaborative workspace, calendaring, photo-sharing and polls. )


Caroline Richardson Hall is building #84 on the Tulane Campus Map:

To it, search "62 Newcomb Place, New Orleans, LA 70118"

Caroline Richardson Hall is also accessible via the Freret Street, St. Charles, and Broadway RTA buses.

Please note that there is ample free parking right in front of Caroline Richardson Hall along Newcomb Place on weekends. You do not need a Tulane permit to park on campus on weekends.

Caroline Richardson Hall is the second building on the right after one turns off Willow Street (between Broadway and Audubon Boulevard) onto Newcomb Place (onto the Tulane campus). From South Claiborne, Audubon Boulevard intersects with Newcomb Place at Willow Street.

Caroline Richardson Hall is can be difficult to navigate for Katrina Warriors who have trouble walking up and down stairs, and for those in wheelchairs. NCCROW staff is happy to assist anyone who would like to roll up the Vorhoff Library ramp and/or ride our freight elevator.

Please phone 504 865 5238 if you have questions about accessibility or other questions about the meeting.

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