Saturday, September 23, 2006


"The Ashé Cultural Arts Center opened its doors almost eight years ago, and now over 50,000 visitors later we are proud to still be here, and blessed to be making a contribution to the re-weaving of the creative, cultural and social fabric of New Orleans," said Carol Bebelle, the Art Center's Co-Director. "We are purchasing our first floor space in the historic Venus Garden Building to assure that the Ashé Cultural Arts Center is not a casualty of Hurricane Katrina or the levee breaches. A national foundation and a partnering local foundation has stepped forward to help make the purchase possible, but we still need the community's support to close the gap between the possibility and the reality."

Advanced tickets for individuals and organizations are available at the Ashé Cultural Arts Center. All proceeds will be donated to the Ashé “High Five” Capitol Campaign Fund.

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